DIY Ribbon Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

Blossom Lady
Mar 08, 2021 06:39 AM

Ribbon and pearl are DIY essentials when you start practicing it regularly. Make these fancy bracelets in a jiffy and see your friends jostling to buy them first! Who said that crafting project always take the pricey supplies to create something great? There are a lot of ways to make astonishing craft. For example, this simple bracelet projects only take beads, ribbon and thread as the supplies. The only missing line is learning about the trick to make one.

I love this DIY ribbon pearl bracelet for its classic girly look and of course, how easy it do! It works well as a stand alone bracelet or even stacked with some other bracelets for an arm party. It’s a very elegant piece, and I think it would look worn at a more formal event such a wedding! You can also make this pearl & ribbon woven bracelet with many different variations such as weaving through extra folds or uneven widths of ribbon for a more creative fun look. I’ve even seen this bracelet done with 2 colors of ribbon for a dual toned look as well.


  • eye needle (the collapsible one)
  • glass pearls (12mm, 12 to 15 pieces)
  • ribbon (3/8 inches, 1 yard)
  • stretch magic cord (5mm, 2 feet)
  • fray check
DIY Ribbon Pearl Bracelet Tutorial
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