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Easy T-shirt Market Bag DIY

Produce market bags are the new reusable shopping totes, but why buy when you can make your own for next to nothing? Today I’d like to tell you how to recycle an old T-shirt—you know, the one with all the moth holes and mystery stains—into an adorable veggie carrier.

T-shirts are essentials for every wardrobe, and they are easy to be worn, you may think of refashion them into some new styles. But if you just don’t need these tees for clothing any more, this net market bag is one of the best way to recycle them, with minimum sewing and fun to cut, you can make a pile of colorful storage bags to keep your grocery fresh and organized in no time. I do believe in taking care of our earth, and I think the point is to try. The more we try to repurpose old materials and cut down on waste, the easier it gets to be more eco-minded. And every effort counts, even if just a little.




Easy T-shirt Market Bag DIY
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