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DIY Slippers from Old Jeans

Make this awesome relaxation gear with your used denim and have that cozy spa feeling at once. These beautiful denim slippers are made from upcycled sewing ideas that would transform your old jeans into these comfy slippers. Also, this can be an amazing gift that is customized and handmade!

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make denim home slippers using your old jeans as the materials. You can see that making a pair of home slippers is easier than you might have thought. You just need to cut out the templates and sew every piece together. They are simple but practical, great for guests when they visit.

The appealingly soft textures and faded colors of worn denim make it the perfect fabric to sew into "new" things. So yank those long-forgotten jeans out from the back of your closet and discover what you can create! If you have intermediate sewing skills then you can easily stitch yourself a pair of proper denim slippers. When you're finished, slip your feet into these soft, soothing slippers and pad around your home feeling lovely and comfy. Or just put your feet up and glow with satisfaction while you gaze at your resourceful - and chic - handiwork.


  • 1 pair of jeans (any size)
  • ½” x ¼” yard wadding
  • A piece of thin cardboard (not the corrugated type), about 12” x 12”
  • Note: Pattern is a ladies, medium adult size, or a size 8/38. To check the size, stand barefoot on the sole pattern. The edge of the pattern should extend about ¾” beyond your foot. Enlarge or reduce proportionally as needed (on a Xerox machine or with pattern making technique) to fit your foot.
  • 5/8” x 1 yard pink and white gingham ribbon
  • White and blue thread (choose a blue shade that matches your denim)
  • Scissors, straight pins, sewing needle, pencil to mark notches, sewing machine
DIY Slippers from Old Jeans
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