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Easy to Make Denim Basket

You don't need ninja-like crafting skills to sink your teeth into this basket idea. While it takes a chunk of time to create, it's a great rainy day project that's easy-peasy to weave. 

Denim is such a versatile cloth piece, we all own at least a few pairs. Would you rather throw away your old denim or reuse them? For a while, I stacked my family’s old denim in a corner of my closet, but I had to find a solution to recycle them. So I came up with the idea of using denim strips to weave a basket. It’s quite easy to make even if the weaving process takes some time.

You'll need a few things:

  • Container to use as a template for your basket. 
  • One or more pairs of jeans depending on your basket's size. You'll cut the pant legs into long 1-inch wide strips.
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread. You'll be sewing the denim pieces end to end before weaving.
Easy to Make Denim Basket
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