DIY- Cookie cutters from Soda Cans

Blossom Lady
Feb 28, 2021 01:32 AM

Have you ever wanted to know how to make cookie cutters? It’s time to get creative and make your own cookie cutters! If you can’t find the shape you are looking for, or you just don’t want to buy one, as expensive as they are, especially if it only to be used one time. The process of making delicious and fun-shaped DIY cookie cutters is far easier than you’d expect. Learn how to make all sorts of shapes from empty soda cans, so you can mold your cookies into whatever you want.

A soda can might be the most common in your household, depending on your carbonated beverage addictions. The biggest limitations for this cutter are the amount of materials. It ends up making smaller cookies, but it is the fastest method if you don’t mind the size. When you need a specific shape, but don’t have time to go hunting at the store, these are the perfect fix. They’re quick, easy, and are sure to be a hit!


  • Empty soda cans
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Sharpie marker
  • Pattern
  • Metal ruler
  • Pliers
DIY- Cookie cutters from Soda Cans
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