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DIY a Pendant Light with Jute Yarn

Jun 01, 2022 08:36 AM

Sometimes I just want to give my home a very sophisticated and modern look. But, when I get to the stores in search of those lamps and other home accessories to give my home that boost I come out without anything in my basket. Well, it’s super expensive to give your home that modern look as most of the accessories are super expensive. As I am always on a budget, I have decided to always make those pieces myself. That’s why today we are going to DIY a pendant light with jute yarn.

Materials needed:

  • jute yarn (4 rolls)
  • white pendant light kit/lighting kit
  • 2 thrifted vintage lampshades that have a cage frame
  • soldering iron
  • water soluble flux and lead free solder
  • finer grit sandpaper
  • wire cutter
  • small artist brush 
  • scissors
  • small paper clip
  • plastic pipe (plumbing section)
  • glass pendant dome for bulb socket (optional)

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