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Data Cable Organizer Keychain

Have some time to do a little crafting today? These easy-to-make cord wraps are perfect as stocking stuffers or to give away to techie friends as small gifts. Read on for the tutorial! You may choose to add embellishments like rhinestones and such to cover it. Also, add your key fob ring or D-ring as well as a charm (if you want). 

I like the feel of the stiff felt more than the leatherette, although for looks and durability (in the long run) I would probably choose the leatherette. Organize your cables and wires with this DIY data cable organizer and cord holder. Give as a gift to a special someone or treat yourself to a little handcrafted love.

What do you need:

  • 3/4" - 1" x 7" strip of leather, leatherette or felt
  • Sewing snaps
  • Needle, thread or e6000
  • Ruler and pencil
  • D-ring or keychain ring
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)
Data Cable Organizer Keychain
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