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Make a Garden Art Lighthouse from Clay Pots

May 13, 2022 08:58 AM

These are just so cute! It’s a perfect craft for a perfect afternoon under the sun with your kids and family. You can definitely make a garden art lighthouse from clay pots and give your garden a boost. I’m sure your guests are definitely going to be surprised at how creative you and your family are. So friends, let’s pick up some clay pots and get started!

Materials needed:

1. Clay pots (3 or 4)
2. Clay saucer (1)
3. Lamp (1)
4. All-purpose primer
5. Outdoor patio craft paints
6. Adhesive to glue the pots together
7. Polyurethane or equivalent sealant (to protect the paint).
8. Paint brushes, rags, gloves, clean up supplies.
9. Pencil
10. Paint Pen (black-optional) for adding decorative details.

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