Easy Pineapple DIY Bookends For Your Shelf

Blossom Lady
Feb 23, 2021 12:04 PM

Learn how to make these simple, custom pineapple DIY bookends in just a few steps! The supplies are also very budget friendly. Today’s DIY bookends project is one of the simplest projects ever. To give you some background, I just bought and painted a used piano for my house, and I am working on adding some decorations on top of it. I knew I wanted to display some of our favorite classic books and needed some bookends to hold them in place. We, like everyone else, are obsessed with the pineapple trend right now, so that seemed like the natural choice.

One of the biggest issues that people experience when doing a bookend project is the weight. What you do depends on the utility of what you’re making. Some people make bookends to be more decorative while others actually want them to hold up the books. If you want these to hold up books, I recommend using some soft of weight on the inside. So what I would do is cut a piece out of the center of the base of the pineapple and set aside. Then I’d use some sort of filler on the inside of the pineapple. It could be sand, or you could mix up a little cement if you happen to have some. Pour inside the pineapples and let dry. Then add the base piece back in and seal (with tape, hot glue, etc).


  • Block of wood
  • Faux pineapple 
  • Glue gun
  • Spray paint
Easy Pineapple DIY Bookends For Your Shelf
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