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Make a Floating PVC Window Planter

May 05, 2022 06:21 AM

Hello craft lovers! Today we’re going to learn how to Make a Floating PVC Window Planter. If you love your green friends then this will be an ideal craft for you to make. It is great to put it on the window sill while you do those dishes and say hello to your plants. And it’s perfect for any interior! The process of making it is really fun, so let’s get started!

Materials needed:

-4" PVC pipe
-2 4" knock-out plugs 
-2 small eye hooks
-2 larger eye hooks
-4 small S-hooks
-2 12" lengths of #16 chain
-power drill
-drill bits (just a tiny bit smaller than the eye hooks)
-3" hole saw (the kind you use to cut holes for door knobs)

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