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Make a Hedgehog Pincushion

Let’s protect ourselves and our homes from those sharp pins and needles by making this hedgehog pin cushion. Well, this pin cushion is not only functional but also it serves decorative purposes. It will be great as a home decor and even a toy. So friends, the process of making this pin cushion is definitely worth the effort. Have fun!

Materials needed:

- 20cm square (or equivalent measure) of fabric.

- 20cm square of fabric (fabric 2) for the back. As mentioned faux fur is great, but towelling or cotton is fine, too.

- Sewing needle and strong thread. The smaller ear pieces and some of the curves are best tackled with hand sewing.

- Polyfill stuffing.

- 2 black seed beads for eyes.

- 50cm black embroidery thread or perle cotton for embroidering nose. Or you could use a bead or tiny pompom instead.

- Embroidery needle for embroidering nose.

- Optional ribbon for bow.

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