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DIY Macrame Bag with Comfy Braided Handles

Apr 18, 2022 02:39 AM

Gift yourself an amazing accessory for the summer. This macrame bag with comfy braided handles will definitely be a great addition to your accessory collection. Those braided handles will definitely be super comfy on your shoulders and will reduce the weight of everything in your bag. Friends, this bag will make a super great complement to any of your summer outfits. Let’s get started!

Materials needed:

  • 32 – 8 foot long strands of 3mm single strand macrame cord – divided into 2 groups of 16
  • 4 pieces of the same cord that are roughly 10” to 12” long each (this is a good way to use up scrap cord)
  • Craft glue
  • Masking tape

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