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Karen ButterfieldWhere do you live? 21 day ago
Burnsville Minnesota 
Karen ButterfieldHow to make Flower Tower Garden 21 day ago
did you ever get the directions? 
and also the yarn type & #
I agree, we need written instructions 
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Please, can we have written instruction, hook size...
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I live in San Antonio, Texas.  No pictures to show...
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Check for knots on Pinterest, cool idea, could eve...
i would love to have the pattern for the jean pock...
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Can the pattern be brought?
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could we have written instructions  please 

Easy Macrame Yarn Feather

Blossom Lady
Feb 18, 2021 09:27:32

Beautiful, wispy macrame feathers have been clogging up my social media feeds as of late - but I'm not mad about it. They're incredibly beautiful and I've definitely found myself bookmarking them to purchase later, to hang in the kids' room. But of course, I was also curious to know how they were made.

Make your own DIY Macrame Feathers with this easy and simple tutorial. These feathers look so cool and take no time at all to complete once you get the hang of it. What can you do with macrame feathers? You can use them as a single decor piece! So cool in a minimalistic way. Or, string them from a funky stick in your yard to make a boho wall hanging! Very earthy.

What better way to repurpose your old yarn stash than to make these beautiful yarn feathers! They can be used to make a wall hanging, added to a wreath, made into a key chain or purse dangle.

You'll Need:

5mm single twist cotton string

fabric stiffener

sharp fabric shears

cat brush


Easy Macrame Yarn Feather

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Feb 20, 2021 16:43:40

I love these feathers. My computer won't allow me to print this off. Is there a printed pattern I can buy?  My computer is telling me I cannot copy and paste this to documents it is to long. I think it is the pictures which I would need for reference. Please advise Thank you so much        Sylvia