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Adorable DIY Bird Feeder

Do you like birds? We have a fun craft for you today. This is a terrific craft to try with your children or as a family, to enjoy the beauty of nature. One of the best things about trying birdfeeder crafts is that you are inviting birds to visit regularly and you will see all of the different types of birds that live in your area, as well as the ones that migrate through from season to season. Some people think of birds only during warmer months, when they hear birdsongs. But it is actually important to feed the birds year round because lots of people stop feeding the birds during the chillier months and the birds have a tougher time finding something to eat.

Welcome songbirds to your yard every spring with a rustic-chic homemade bird feeder. While you could use almost any materials to put together a simple roofed-box to accommodate a handful of birdseed and a sturdy perch, why not utilize used materials to make this project a study in up-cycling? Transform a cardboard shipping box, or as we did here, a pint-sized milk carton, into the structure of the bird feeder before adding scrap wood and surplus craft supplies to decorate. Aside from a bit of cutting using a sharp craft knife, this project is fully kid-friendly, so don’t hesitate to spend a family afternoon around the craft table before displaying your projects in the back yard for some prime bird watching.

Equipment / Tools

  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft knife


  • 1 clean pint carton
  • 18 inches butcher’s twine
  • Scrap wood/twigs
  • Acrylic paint and primer
Adorable DIY Bird Feeder
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