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Macrame Bookmark

In the world of e-books and online magazines, we all appreciate a good old paperback every now and then, don’t we? Obviously! Traditional books call for traditional bookmarks though, and that is the reason we created this post. Decorative Bookmarks are absolutely beautiful and they come in all the colors of the rainbow. Do you need one? No, you need more! Do you like spreading the love for books around? This pattern for colorful crochet bookmarks will help you with your mission then! Make a whole bunch of bookmarks and gift them to the ones close to you. You can set up your own book club afterward! Let’s celebrate the passion for reading with this set of lovely crochet bookmarks. This stunning lacework certainly proves the author’s genius and artistry. Follow the instructions to create some art of your own today!

Never lose track of your favourite reads with this macramé page saver! To all those literary creatures out there, why not get your hands busy first, before your eyes do.This is a great project for anyone, including older children, and there’s no experience necessary.

Tools & Materials

Clip board

Scrap worsted weight cotton yarn



Macrame Bookmark
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