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DIY Erase Calendar

Dry erase wall calendars are a great tool to help keep your month organized in a way you can see. I have been wanting to have a nice big reusable calendar and they can be pretty expensive to buy so I decided to make one myself and share how to do this with you! Glass calendars are practical and beautiful, and using an old window adds a modern farmhouse feel to this piece of home office decor. Here are all the materials and steps for you to make your own!

Make your own DIY erase calendar with a glass picture frame, free yearly calendar printable and this super easy step-by-step tutorial! Get organized for such a simple project! Keep things simple and use a large glass picture frame as the base for this clean and modern wall calendar. Use a straightedge to make a simple grid, and change out the month and days using colorful dry erase markers every 30 days. Source a big frame from a secondhand store and paint the wood to match your interior and keep this project super budget-friendly.

Items you’ll need for diy dry erase wall calendar:

1. 24 x 36 Printable Yearly Calendar

2. 24 x 36 Frame

3. Plexiglass (optional – I tried this, but ended up using the glass that came with the frame)

4. Dry Erase Markers – these are the best fine tip markers that I’ve found!

You just need to start filling everything out and using your new calendar to keep you on track! I use mine for keeping track of the blog and any major events that will interfere with my work like vacations, holidays and conferences.

DIY Erase Calendar
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