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Diy Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Give your beverage containers a cozy spot to hang out while they do the important work of containing your beverages with this super easy wool felt ball coasters tutorial. Have you ever had one of those projects that you’ve wanted to do forever, but for one reason or another, you’ve just never done? And then when you do it, it is so easy and turns out so awesome that you kind of want to kick yourself for not doing it sooner?

These coasters really could not be easier. I am sure you will absolutely love how these felt ball coasters turn out. The colors are so bright and cheery and fun, and they’ll make you happy when you will use them.

This is a super simple project, and I think the end product is really spectacular. The coasters are so unique and colorful, clearly a perfect addition to my space. As I’ll describe below, I basically glued the balls to some clearance cork coasters I found at TJ Maxx. After doing a little more research when writing this post, I realized that these felt balls could also be threaded onto string and then sewn together. This would eliminate the need for the cork coaster. This would also make the felt balls a bit closer together.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cm wool felt balls (90-100 per coaster depending on the size)
  • cork coasters
  • E600 glue
Diy Wool Felt Ball Coasters
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