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Stitched Wool Phone Case

There’s an easy way to make a phone case, using just a small amount of wool (approx. a 5 3/4 inch square of the wool) and embroidery thread. This is a simple case for your phone, that can also make a great gift. Materials and tools you will need include: a small amount of Pendleton wool, embroidery thread, knife, cutting mat, metal ruler, embroidery needle. This method is easily adaptable on any other device, tools, or even coffee cups.

I like perfect, but I’m a bigger fan of perfectly imperfect. The blanket-stitch is one of those imperfect things I’m ok with. It’s like the whittling of hand sewing. No fancy tools, no expensive machines. I liken it to my grandma’s embroidered tea towels combined with my Cub Scout sewing skills. Here’s a plan for your phone case, but you can easily adapt it to make a case for nearly any device. Measure up whatever needs a sweater and get sewing. Try it at home!


  • small amount of Pendleton wool
  • embroidery thread


  • knife
  • cutting mat
  • metal ruler
  • embroidery needle
Stitched Wool Phone Case
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