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How to Make a Scented Gnome with Cinnamon Dough

This craft is really different and so, I just had to share it with you all. Today we will learn how to make a scented gnome with cinnamon dough. I can just imagine the smell in the air. For your information, this is not edible, haha! You would have to explain to the little kids around. So, let’s get our homes ready for Christmas not only in looks but also, in the smell.

Materials needed:

  • cinnamon dough (ground cinnamon and applesauce),
  • aluminum foil,
  • plastic wrap or wax paper,
  • rolling pin,
  • some tool for sculpting,
  • a small star cookie cutter,
  • craft glue,
  • hot glue,
  • acrylic paint,
  • brush,
  • gel pen.

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