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Cool Wall-Mounted Knife Rack

Oct 22, 2021 03:33 AM

If your kitchen is blessed with quality knives, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they deserve good storage. Knives in drawers can result to dulling the edges, marks on the drawers and much more. Not a good sight, to be honest. Why not provide a home for these knives by making this cool wall-mounted knife rack? It’s a win win, for the knives and for those surfaces in the kitchen!

Materials needed:

  • 1x6 wood board, (cut to 17 inches long)
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Power drill
  • 1-inch Forstner drill bit
  • 1-inch round ceramic magnets, ( 99 )
  • Construction adhesive ("liquid nails")
  • Paint stir sticks, ( 30 )
  • Speed square
  • Miter box and hand saw
  • Wood stain
  • Wood filler
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear acrylic finish or polyurethane
  • 2 ½-inch wood screws, ( 2 )

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