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How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans

Hi all. In exactly 50 minutes, you will complete this amazing Jean pumpkin. Yeah, it's true, just get your old denim pants and skirts and this tutorial below will show you exactly how to fashion it into this lovely pumpkin without going through the process of sewing. Your living room and office can then receive that lovely decor boost that makes you proud of your handwork. Good luck!

Materials needed:

  • Poly-fil
  • Blue Jeans, recycled or look at the thrift store
  • Fabri-Tac™ from Beacon Adhesives
  • Rubber Bands, two for each pumpkin – Dollar Tree
  • Zipper Sandwich Bags, one for each pumpkin – Dollar Tree
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wine Corks, one for each pumpkin
  • Gingham Ribbon, one 12″ length for each pumpkin

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