Beautiful Amigurumi Unicorn

Sep 13, 2021 06:10 AM

Hello there. This is another amigurumi pattern for us to learn in addition to our other skills. So, let's use this free pattern tutorial here to crochet this unicorn amigurumi and increase our toy stock while also upgrading our knowledge of the art. The pattern is relatively user-friendly and so, making this toy will be quite easy and quick for you! Good luck!

Materials needed: 

● yarn in two colors (colors 1 and 2);
● crochet hook according to the yarn weight you are using;
● stitch markers; 
● pins;
● polyester fiber;
● scissors;
● tapestry needle;
● embroidery floss.;
● fabric or crochet flowers for the head;
● hot glue and hot glue gun (or any other glue that works for fabrics);
● blush (for makeup);
● small brush (for makeup) or cotton swab.

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