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DIY Recycled Denim Backpack

If this isn't chic, tell me what is friends. The piping of flower on denim in this recycled jeans backpack is simply amazing! Look through the tutorial here and you will find out just how easily you will make this backpack yourself. Your kids can go back to school in absolutely unique style, trust me. Get on it friends and don't let those denims go to waste!

Materials needed:

- Your shabby jeans
- Fabric for lining
- Fabrics or the accent
- fusible interfacing, lightweight is preferred
- 8 eyelets
- 1 cord lock 2 hole
- 2 triglides 3.2 cm
- 2 rectangle loops 3.2 cm
- Dacron/Batting
- 30 mm button 1pcs

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