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Super Easy Cable Cozy

We live in times when electronic devices are all around us. Sometimes or even most times they are just too many! All these wires end up getting tangled and can really make us uncomfortable. Sometimes when traveling, all our chargers and earphones gets intertwined, how annoying! It can take a couple of minutes to loosen them. Well, I have a solution to all that. It’s this super easy to make cable cozy. Hop on friends, let’s make this lifesaver!

Materials needed:

  • Two 1/2 meter pieces of contrasting fabrics,
  • 1/2 meter medium weight iron-on interfacing,
  • 10” zipper,
  • thread,
  • snaps/poppers,
  • elastic,
  • a small belt clasp,
  • 30cm of felt,
  • scissors, iron and pins.

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